It is summertime and that means time for beach days and long road trips. If you are planning on packing up the family in the car and heading out you may want to double check you have everything you need to keep everyone satisfied.

If you are looking to avoid the dreaded when are we going to get there question a thousand times, opt for some quiet activities.

Here are some things for quiet enjoyment:

Books, magazines, and comics

Games, like the license plate game or travel bingo

Sketchbook, washable markers, and colored pencils

Pre-stamped blank postcards (available at the post office), which your kids can decorate, or purchase scenic post cards along the way; have your children write to friends, relatives, even pets

Doodling doodads: a small dry-erase board, Etch A Sketch, Magna Doodle

Portable DVD player and DVDs; don’t forget headphones!

Books on CD or iPod for the whole family

Scrapbook envelope—entrust your children with the responsibility of collecting postcards, ticket stubs, and brochures for a scrapbook

At some point somebody will be crying for food so here are some essentials to keep tiny bellies happy on the long journey:

Individually packaged, crumb-free snacks such as bite-sized goldfish crackers

Hard-to-bruise fruits such as apples and berries; or try fruit roll-ups or fruit leathers

Trail mix, which will leave kids feeling full longer

Reusable bottles filled with water

Just in case there is an accident you will want to make sure you have some first aid items. Here are just a few you will want to have on hand.

Antibacterial like Neosporin


Anti-bacterial wipes

Medication such as Tylenol (age appropriate)


Anti nausea medication like Dramamine

Also don’t forget these items:

Garbage bags to collect trash

Extra diapers and wipes, if necessary

Change of clothes, in case of accidental spills

A blanket for spur-of-the-moment picnics at rest areas—and naps

Most of all pack your smile and good attitude because most likely you will need it. Remember you are on vacation!

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